Social Security and Disability Insurance Orem

Disability insurance protects those suddenly or unexpectedly unable to work, and can safeguard assets, including retirement savings and property. This allows the individual to maintain their current living standards while giving peace of mind against financial loss. Maximizing Social Security benefits should be part of any long-term estate preparation Orem and retirement Orem financial strategy.

LIfeLine Insurance Solutions Social Security Disability InsuranceFor previous generations, claiming Social Security benefits was relatively simple. Once retirees decided on a retirement age (typically at or after age 62), they called the Social Security Administration and applied for their benefits. But as life expectancy has increased and baby boomers are looking to maximize their retirement income from a variety of sources, a number of Social Security claiming strategies have become increasingly common. Understanding some of your alternatives — and knowing how to discuss them with your local Social Security Administration representative — can give you a head start on determining which, if any, may fit your retirement income strategy.

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Orem Social Security and Disability Insurance