• Do you need to maintain a certain number of scheduled hours to remain eligible for health and disability benefits?
  • What happens to your health and disability benefits if you switch from full-time to part-time status?

Do You Understand Your Work Benefits?You may have many questions regarding employee benefits. And, these are important questions to ask. No one else will ask them for you. YOU have to proactive in finding the answers. Ask your Human Resources Manager for an Employee Benefit Handbook if you lost the one originally provided to you.

During your employment, your health plan options may change. If your health plan does change:

  • Will you and your family be affected?
  • Is your doctor still on the list of providers?
  • Has your co-pay changed?
  • Are there deductibles and limits to the coverage?

There are so many important questions to ask and far too many people find the answers to their questions after it is too late and they are in the middle of a health crisis. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Look at the fine print. We can help you ask the right questions. Our trusted advisors will help you navigate this path and you will start to really understand what your work health benefits really cover and what they do not cover. Let’s talk now, BEFORE the crisis hits and it’s too late.

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