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St. George Area Life Insurance

Life insurance provides St. George families protection if you are no longer there to provide for their needs. When someone we love passes, chances are that there will be medical bills, funeral and/or burial costs, mortgage payments, and other expenses that you may have left behind. Life insurance eases the financial burden that your loved ones face, while they are already going through a tough time.

Not only can life insurance in St. George offer death benefits, certain types of policies grow in cash value, and you can make withdrawals to pay for unexpected medical bills, home repair, and other expenses. Regardless if you are single, married, have children, are in pre-retirement or retirement – we have a life insurance plan that suits your unique needs.

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St. George Life Insurance Quotes at Affordable Rates

There are various types of St. George life insurance policies to choose from. LifeLine professionals can help you weigh the pros and cons of each type based on your individual situation, and then you will be equipped to ultimately decide on the perfect policy for you. Some things to consider when deciding the type of life insurance that suits your needs include, but not limited to:

  • Are you owning or renting your home?
  • Do you have any outstanding debts?
  • Does payment flexibility matter?
  • Does your family need an emergency fund or a college savings?
  • Do you want temporary or permanent insurance coverage?
  • Is the ability to alter coverage and/ or payment amounts important?
  • Do you desire your plan to accumulate cash value that you can use for other expenses?

The above questions will help you think about what type of life insurance is right for you and your loved ones. With an understanding of what your life insurance needs are, you can be better equipped to make the right choice about what type of policy is appropriate. Below are just a few of the most common types of life insurance policies that we offer to our St. George residents.

Term Life Insurance:

Term insurance is cost effective, but as the name implies, coverage is only provided for a certain number of years. If the insured passes away during the active coverage term, death benefits will be paid out to the beneficiary. Money can be used to pay for final funeral costs and to pay other financial responsibilities. Once the life insurance policy expires, premium rates usually increase.

Whole Life Insurance:

Whole life insurance appeals to those who value permanent coverage at fixed premium rates. This type of policy is more than life insurance, it offers cash benefits that grow in value over time. It is a dependable, predictable option.

Universal Life Insurance:

Universal life insurance is a permanent policy type that offers flexibility to change your plan and premium amounts as your needs change. It also offers a death benefit, builds in tax-differed cash value, and you can access the cash when life’s moments come calling.

When you work with LifeLine Solutions in St. George, Utah to find your life insurance solution, you will receive a personalized tough and professional advice. We will walk with you to determine what and how much coverage is needed. What could be better than knowing that you and your loved ones will be provided for no matter what the future holds?

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