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LifeLine Solutions knows there is nothing more important than ensuring the safety and well-being of your loved ones when you can no longer be there to provide for them. Like most of us, you probably worry about if your kids will be able to afford a good education or if your spouse will have the money to carry on. With proper preparation, you can ensure your family has a secure financial future for years to come.

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We know your time is valuable; you may not want to spend it endlessly researching life insurance policies.

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Life Insurance Solutions

Finding the right life insurance provider can be a complex undertaking. The life insurance coverage you purchase can depend on a number of important factors. For example, term insurance coverage is for those wanting limited time coverage with lower premiums. A full term insurance plan is more suited as part of your retirement strategy. Life insurance helps to ensure that in the event something happens to you, the needs of your loved ones can be provided for based on the policy amount and type you choose.

Term Life Insurance:

The most affordable and easiest to understand of the life insurance options. It offers various flexible payment options and may be just what you want to protect you and your loved ones. As the name implies, “Term” life insurance is good for a certain amount of time, typically 10 – 20 years, usually with an option to switch over to a more permanent solution. Term life coverage helps your family for loss of income, educational costs, paying the mortgage or even to pass on to future generations.

Whole Life Insurance:

Sometimes called whole life assurance, is the most popular type of life insurance, and it protects an individual over the course of their entire lifetime, or until the maturity date. Whole life insurance builds tax-deferred cash value and offers a death benefit to help your family with their monetary needs.

Universal Life Insurance:

This type of life insurance offers an array of optional riders and benefits to help you design a coverage package that meets your unique needs. It features flexible premium payment options, as well as adjustable benefits and protection levels. Universal life insurance accumulates cash value over time, and the interest is tax deferred.

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